Batman, Superman, And Wonder Woman Provide First Look At “Batman V Superman”


that’s it. that’s the whole show.

Shaizer. One of the 9’s leaving. There goes the downfall of a generation.

Ross Geller Disaster Dates

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Should be packing for my trip to Beijing now but NOOOOOOO I’m here all sprawled on my bed, in front of my lappy and reading tumblr shits about the BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT IN 7 YEARS. 

And the apology just makes it worse for my poor heart. So what am I to do now, you little pooper? Did your best bud not warn you to not to build it up like that? Guess not. Learn from him, dearie. He manipulates with care. My poor poor heart. 

At least give me smth worth the heart break… This is just… pfttt. like PFTT. Now I need a bigger scandal to pick me up from this sad excuse of a scandal. I need a unity of two big forces or a mind-blowing revelation from you guys.

Disney Princess that I’m all WTF-is-wrong-with-you:

- Ariel

Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry pranking each other, during interviews.

Happy Birthday Courteney Cox.